Killer Props

Experience and Quality

Killer Props was formed in 2023 by Greg Allen and Adam Johnston.
Greg Allen & Adam Johnston

Greg was owner/operator of a successful haunted attraction in the midwest for 12 years before selling it in 2016. He moved to Colorado as director of a top-rated haunted house until retiring in 2022. Greg was also the creator of the zombie paintball trailer business.

Adam was the owner of a successful haunted house prop making company for 13 years, providing top-quality animations for the haunt industry until the company was sold in 2020.

Our goal at Killer Props is to specialize in excellent quality props and animatronics, delivered in a timely manner, using quality materials and proven methods to build props that last. With over 50 years of combined experience in the haunt industry, this skilled team is set to become a front-runner in the prop making/animatronic business.

We look forward to providing you with the KILLER props you've been searching for to take your attraction to the next level.